Private Journeys

Time is our most precious commodity and planning a trip can be a daunting task. It takes time and research, hours (days!) searching the web, canvassing family, friends and colleagues for their favorite places, hotels and restaurants.

For nearly 30 years Richard Koegl has been actively and passionately combing the globe in an extremely personal way, meeting old and new friends, guides, hoteliers and those ‘in the know’ who have been in the business for years, just like him. They are friends now more than colleagues and share a common denominator: an insatiable wanderlust to seek out the experience that transcends the typical. A harmonized moment that when pieced together meticulously and creatively, become true adventures, surreal holidays, cultural and epicurean forays, and off-the-beaten-track explorations that represent the mind, body and soul of those who created them.

We know this because we have not only traveled extensively in the past and lived in diverse locals, but we continue to travel, unlike most ‘travel professionals’ who rarely leave their office. We have developed face to face partnerships and amassed a worldwide web of contacts, people who can put us front of the line when we need a hotel room, or an amazing guide or specialist who willingly shares the best keep secrets, trendy hangouts, or places of solitude anywhere in the world. Unique individuals who create wow moments that become lasting, poignant memories.

Our custom or private journeys are created together and you can be as involved in the planning as much or as little as you want. Leave every detail to us, or take the lead. We create with your group, your dates, your destination, interests and desires. Besides our years of experience, it is really the never-ending quest to create something unique and special that keeps us current and cutting edge, and the very best at what we do so naturally.

Special Occasions

Besides small group itineraries and custom trips, we are specialists in every other conceivable reason why you travel.  As your personal concierge we feel it a duty to give you the most rewarding experience possible.  We are passionate about planning for Romantic Getaways, Birthdays & Anniversaries, Executive Retreats, and Rest & Relaxation Holidays to name a few.

Engagement Parties, Honeymoons & Destination Weddings

We are well known for creating truly exceptional celebrations including engagement parties, Honeymoons and destination weddings to the far-flung corners of the world. Nowhere is off limits, no desire too great or strange. We sit down with you and talk about what’s important when you travel, what and how you’d like to see, experience and why. We listen and understand your every desire and wish. We know this is an important lifetime journey and will set the tone for years to come, and may even change your perception of the world at large forever. A tall order but we really like creating the perfect palette in a magical setting. We do know that pampering is involved, and romanticism undisputedly redefined. We look to incorporate nuance, pace and experience. Our guests leave home with confidence to celebrate in a new environment, and come home knowing each other and a corner of the world that much better. From safaris in Botswana to pristine beaches in Zanzibar, Gorilla trekking in Uganda to rock-climbing in Thailand, we know that tradition is being re-written and we’re happy to be part of the process.

Family Time

Some of the most rewarding travel experiences have come from families who we have created itineraries for around the world.  We have always believed that you shouldn’t stop seeing the world when you have kids.  For that reason we design unique trips for families – the kids, parents, grand-parents and friends.  Planned for a big occasion or simply just to be together.  We know and understand the curriculum year and plan itineraries, activities and restaurants accordingly to suit everyone and every age.  We know that kids want to stay connected when they travel, and don’t want to learn.  But we also know that leaving home is the best education they never saw coming.  Whether we organize bicycles or walks, horseback riding or snorkeling off a pristine beach, we do it with family in mind, and that these moments create the memories that generations will look back upon and cherish.


Getting There

Every journey begins the moment you leave home for the airport.  Air travel has evolved in a way that is less user-friendly than it was say five or even fifty years ago.  As we like to say, “everything starts with air:  if we can’t get you there, you aren’t going”.  To understand air routes, ticketing, fare basis, taxes and surcharge levies it takes an expert, and someone with years of tried and true experience.  Kathii Benn at K. Benn Travel, Oasis’ exclusive administrative operator, is simply the guru of air travel and with over 30 year’s experience, an expert on almost every destination worldwide.  Kathii knows the best routings, connections, airlines, seat configurations and fares.   We are constantly asked why anyone would use a travel agent to book air flights when it’s so easy with the internet.  For starters we are human and not a search engine that has been programmed. We intrinsically know how to get you from where you are to where you’re going and can save valuable time, money and aggravation down the line.  We know your itinerary and tailor your flights accordingly, providing the best possible options on the spot.  We not only get you there with peace of mind, we get you home despite unexpected delays, changes and cancellations.  Personal service that doesn’t stop when you hit the ‘send’ button.

Concierge – OASIS At Your Service

Traveling can be for multitude of reasons and can change the fundamental way one interprets not only the world, but oneself.  Tourists are often said to merely go to a place; travelers embrace and see in new ways.  Whatever the reason we agree that not everyone is the same, and therefore we take time to get to know you.  Know what you want from the moment you leave home to the second you get back, and all the amazing stuff in between.  We are at your service, completely.

With decades of firsthand experience, we want to suggest, advise, help and plan your journey so that nothing is left to chance.  Our service is unrivaled and we act as your personal concierge not only before you’ve left, but when you’re traveling.  When things go awry we are there to help.  We can arrange experiences you’ve never even imagined possible.  If you think it isn’t possible just ask.  Those are our often our favorite journeys to plan.

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