J. Abramson

“My wife and I have traveled around the world together, but none of our trips have come close to the last two vacations Richard organized for us.  He’s exposed us to a new level of travel.  No detail is left out, everything is perfect. Simply put he is the best!  I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to plan a special getaway”

– J. Abramson
New York, NY

K. Ortner

“Richard loves his work, loves to travel, and shares all of his wisdom and experience with abandon.  He thinks about the history, the aural traditions, the arts, and weaves it into a seamless tapestry that takes you in depth to places that no other company would even consider.  Oasis journeys are inspired, and Richard is always one step ahead, so he can create a trip that is both beautiful and complex, giving you an experience like no other”

K. Ortner,
Cincinnati, OH

P. Zuch

“Travel by Oasis was seamless, beautifully paced, and highly memorable.  Richard and his team were attentive and responsive even when faced with last minute changes.  I would gladly travel with Richard and Oasis again – it is sure to happen!”

– P. Zuch
Sausalito, CA

L. Lewis

“I went to Bhutan with Richard a few years ago, after seeing his amazing photography from his previous trip there.   The photos of the landscape and people made me want to go.  I was not disappointed.

I love to travel, and have been to many different places in the world.  I can truly say Richards trip are the best I have ever been on.  He takes care of every detail, the flow and energy is perfect.  His support staff are wonderful, he takes you off the tourist path, all you do is show up!  I am looking forward to my next Oasis adventure”

– L. Lewis

Toronto, ON

Anne E. Bingham

“Travelling with Richard Koegl and Oasis is a MUST!  I have never been so cared for and have had everything so beautifully organized as my recent trip to South America.  Fine wines in Santiago, amazing landscapes in the Atacama Desert, Easter Island with the Moai – a charming place with wild horses and such a pleasant atmosphere.  Peru was full of charm and ancient stones, a pure delight.  The amazing structures of the Inca Civilization interspersed with Orchids and exotic birds at every turn.   Hiram Bingham, my husband’s grandfather and the explorer credited with re-discovering Machu Picchu in 1911, gave a gift to the Peruvian people of unknown proportion.  It was an unbelievable trip with new great friends and much good conversation, and of course Richard, who pieced together a spectacular, sentimental journey”

– Anne E. Bingham (Mrs. Hiram Bingham IV)
Greenwich, CT

B. Denner

“I’ve been on many trips around the world but none has matched the adventure I had with Richard in Ethiopia.  Every single detail was thought out, the pace and flow of day to day sightseeing, amazing local food (really) and just when you think it couldn’t get better – it does.  I will never forget our guide Zee who shared his life and country with us from the heart, and all the beautiful people we met along the way.  I can’t wait for my next trip with Oasis and the chance to completely lose myself in a foreign place, all while in Richard’s unbelievable care”

B. Denner,
Regensburg, Germany

J. Nixon

“Thank you Richard for another wonderful trip.  We have now taken three Oasis journeys and all have included a remarkable diversity of geographic and cultural experiences, well beyond our experience with several other tour companies. Your ability to seamlessly get us out of the tourist bubble is remarkable”

J. Nixon,
Peoria, IL

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