Richard Koegl, founder and CEO

For almost three decades, Richard Koegl has journeyed extensively, back and forth to over 120 countries on all seven continents.  His world is a daily immersion in cultural and educational realms which he passionately shares with fellow travelers and friends.   His art in knowing how to piece together the ever-changing world for both the novice and expert traveler can reveal experiences that transcend the typical.  Cookie cutter is not in his lexicon.  Richard creates journeys that he painstakingly custom crafts for guests who desire a profound and richer experience while traveling.

Richard spent 10 years living in France, at first studying classical music in Paris, and then working as a travel photographer and cultural tour guide.  He became Director of the European office of Butterfield & Robinson, a high-end adventure company, and later worked as Cruise Director and Expedition Leader on luxury small ships and yachts.  Here he designed and ran land and sea itineraries for America’s leading cultural, educational and scientific institutions including the Smithsonian, Harvard, Yale, and Stanford Alumnus, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Art Institute of Chicago, and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

As a renowned and widely sought after photographer, Richard continues to shoot regularly for tour operators and America’s leading agencies.  His imagery has appeared in premier travel magazines and brochures which include the Peak Adventure Travel Group luxury brands of Country Walkers, TCS & Starquest Private Jet Expeditions, and Travcoa.  Richard’s photographic mission is multi-faceted:  by employing journalistic and artistic styles, he documents his subjects and presents to the viewer, suggesting that we see the world in new ways, away from our preconceived notions of how things ‘should be’ seen and experienced.  His imagery is rich in texture, sensually breathtaking and always armed with an underlying sense of humor.

When not traveling Richard lives in his native Toronto and is regularly invited to speak as a luxury travel expert at Universities and symposiums.  Even in his downtime he is always designing new adventures for the truly intrepid.  Some of his recent travelers have included Mr. David Rockefeller, Mr. & Mrs. Moshe Safdie, and Mrs. Hiram Bingham IV.

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